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5/30/10 8:25 AM by Kostakio


Munchausen site profile image  

5/30/10 2:57 AM by Munchausen

Tough stuff, isn't it? Fedor understands.

LEET060 site profile image  

5/30/10 2:42 AM by LEET060

Todd Duffee did say on jordan breen that most of the times what he says is in a joking or a trolling manner in mma.

Deus ex Machida site profile image  

10/26/09 8:53 PM by Deus ex Machida

I just don't understand why fedor has to "prove" himself against worse competition than he is currently facing.

jbapk site profile image  

10/24/09 9:09 PM by jbapk

"Fedor is tarnishing his legacy by not fighting Lesnar, Mir, Carwin, Valesquez or even Gonzaga."Brett Rogers: 10-0, one win over a top ten guy. (Arlovski)Shane Carwin: 11-0, one win over a top ten guy. (Gonzaga)Cain Valesquez: 6-0, one win over a top ten guy. (Kongo)Clearly Carwin and Valesquez are on a different level then Rogers.

LibertyForGranted site profile image  

10/24/09 8:38 PM by LibertyForGranted

If you were a young golfer and on ESPN, would you question Tiger Woods' tournament selections without at least acknowledging that you are speaking about someone who is in the discussion for best golfer in history?Why then would you neglect that there were other possibilities other than say "no comment" or not even appearing on the show. Duffee had a smug, judgmental tone and he didn't at all come off as though he was talking about an elite fighter. He had nothing but negative things to say about Fedor. Your logic machine is broken if you believe that the alternatives were only to say "no comment" or whatever. But isn't that the respected thing to do on the UG? Make a scarcastic (and not at all witty) response that doesn't fully align to the point you are making.

Calhoon site profile image  

10/24/09 7:19 PM by Calhoon

Duffey, Can you even beat Alex?Btw I thought it was funny when they were talking about Junie Browning and Varner said "I'm sure we will get to see him again. Strikeforce will probrably pick him up."( implying that Strikeforce is where you go when your second teir )Then Quadros had a great comeback that I can't exactly remember but he pointed out that it was the U.F.C. who hired him in the first place.

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10/24/09 6:49 PM by Kocksuckio