Logo   Kevin Randleman vs. Fedor Emelianenko
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chaplinshouse site profile image  

7/17/15 5:22 PM by chaplinshouse

Agreed, one of the good ones. VUThe Nick/Joe vid was probably my favorite too

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7/17/15 5:10 PM by MrMosis

Whale I hope you have all your original content. Some old stuff I don't even remember what it was, I just know I wish I still had it.Caposa too.

Fake Pie site profile image  

7/17/15 3:57 PM by Fake Pie

Does the video still exist?

QuintonRammedMyPage site profile image  

7/17/15 3:34 PM by QuintonRammedMyPage

Man before all this legal shit. This lookout shit was the shit, dog.

D241 site profile image  

7/17/15 3:10 PM by D241

Also one of the coolest things about LookOutAWhale- is even if he was a troll or uneducated mma fan, I still would appreciate him for all his video contributions.(Nick/Riggs hospital is my favorite). The fact he's an educated mma fan is a bonus.  LOAW looks at things objectively and there was an instance where I felt I was wrong and getting ganged up on, and he was one of the few to have my back.   That meant a lot to me and I don't forget stuff like that.

Looney Ronulan Paultard site profile image  

7/17/15 3:07 PM by Looney Ronulan Paultard


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7/17/15 3:04 PM by D241

Here is a story I posted yesterday on my Fedor thread, "Do you really recognize".  Someone had posted LOAW's skyplex video and I shared this story with them on that thread, but let me copy and paste it here.     I don't believe I have ever shared this story with the UG.   From 2000-2007 I was a member on mmafighting.net From 2007-2009 I was a member of mmalinker.com On mmalinker.com, there was this guy by the screen name of "Kusok".   Kusok, to this day, is the most informed and biggest Fedor fan, the only person I can say is more knowledgable and more of a fan of Fedor than myself.  He(Kusok) also was Russian.   Kusok had informed the board that it wasn't until a year or two after Fedor's fight with Kevin Randleman, that it was found that Fedor actually cracked a rib b/c of that slam.   That slam was legit, for sure powerful.  Many questioned Kusok as to why Fedor would keep that injury quiet, when most fans would have been even more in "awe" of Fedor for fighting through the pain and finding a way to win even with a broken rib.   The reasoning which Fedor and company kept the injury quiet, was purely "Aura" related.  Fedor hadn't lost at this point, and his legend was still growing as the unbeatable fighter.  Fedor and company felt that if it was revealed that Fedor got an injury during a fight, he would be seen as beatable, not as intimidating.   Jim Brown used that same logic in his playing days. Jim Brown said that after every tackle he'd slowly get up, even after the first play of the game.  He said he did it because by the end of the game he was a target for the defense, and the defenders often would single him out trying to hit him the hardest.  Mental Warfare, Brown knew if the defenders hit him with their best shot, and Brown just got up like it was nothing different, it would play into the minds of his opponents.   Jim Brown/Fedor got that mental tough edge.

Doc_Watson site profile image  

7/17/15 2:57 PM by Doc_Watson

Love that vid

Morgz site profile image  

7/17/15 1:48 PM by Morgz

How did I never see this.  Good stuff, whale!

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7/17/15 12:58 PM by chaplinshouse

that airline captain sounds handsome! wood