Logo   Dana White - I thought Shogun won the fight
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Post UFC 104 Press Conference

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RickStorm site profile image  

10/26/09 3:15 PM by RickStorm

 Thanks for posting video xcarnoxometzx, I hadn't seen it yet Dana sure looked sharp (No homo) lol

Clinton Tyler site profile image  

10/26/09 3:08 PM by Clinton Tyler

Dana says he thinks Shogun won rounds 4 and 5 for sure, and thought 1 was close but gave it to Shogun. Dana hates Steve Mazagatti and says he shouldn't even be allowed to watch mma. (he was asked about the co main event) Joe Stevenson says Shogun won.Anthony Johnson says Shogun won, but hopes the rematch is more entertaining.Shogun thinks he won, and says that's what everyone keeps telling him.Machida says he was "corrected" by his father and Anderson in the back after the fight. Dana talks about the rematch and says it will be different, or whateverMachida wouldn't say he thought he won, he keeps saying the judges said he won.

disbeliever site profile image  

10/26/09 2:58 PM by disbeliever


TheGoldenRule site profile image  

10/26/09 2:55 PM by TheGoldenRule

it was the doddam hot pink sweater ASilva was wearing......Machida fought all five rounds with only one thought in his head:"What the fuck?"

xcarnoxometzx site profile image  

10/26/09 2:55 PM by xcarnoxometzx

Damn he hates Mazzagatti. I wonder how Mazzagatti's referee-ing career will be affected by this (if at all).

disbeliever site profile image  

10/26/09 2:54 PM by disbeliever


xcarnoxometzx site profile image  

10/26/09 2:51 PM by xcarnoxometzx

Some harsh words from Dana here. I don't think the vid was posted yet.