Logo   Dennis Kang talks Michael Bisping, Pride and more
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evangelico site profile image  

11/2/09 2:02 AM by evangelico


gorgesjorj site profile image  

10/30/09 2:44 AM by gorgesjorj


inf0 site profile image  

10/29/09 11:34 PM by inf0

 Kang smash.

napalmstyle site profile image  

10/29/09 11:30 PM by napalmstyle


steak and chicken site profile image  

10/29/09 10:20 PM by steak and chicken

coaches: don't circle left, repeat 100 timesstriker with amazing footwork bisping: why not? I keep running that way and getting tagged by a wrestlers wild right handsorry but Kang is a much better striker than bisping

smichal site profile image  

10/29/09 9:21 PM by smichal

TTT for Dennis. Hope he takes this.

TheBear228 site profile image  

10/29/09 9:05 PM by TheBear228

Can you uber-douche rollers at least get your stories straight about your emperor? Dicktuck Lee cries about how Bisping being in the UK for fights hold NO significant advantage at all, and yet now here you stand saying that the Manchester crowd is certainly going to be a factor. I will say, I at least give you credit for attempting to admit that Bisping gets the advantage of a home crowd - now you just have to admit he's coddled by being given this advantage for 90% of his fights.  

MrSmiff site profile image  

10/29/09 8:45 PM by MrSmiff

Kang wins, the only thing Bisping has an edge in is footwork imo. I'm interested in seeing how he is after being kd'd in his last fight. Hope it's not gonna be a boring fight with Bisping on his bike and Kang chasing him. Wouldn't be surprised if it happens though.

explodingboy site profile image  

10/29/09 8:44 PM by explodingboy

Okay fine, I'll leave you wretches to it. Enjoy.

Hessian site profile image  

10/29/09 8:40 PM by Hessian

Bispling nuthuggers are funny. Obviously trolling there explodingbuy. Why not go open your own Bispling nuthuggers thread and let the people who enjoy Kangs fights speak without your BS.One would think after all the yappn you guys did pre Hendo you would have been awoken from your stupidity by the results of the fight.Kang by whatever he wants, whenever he wants.