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JDolo site profile image  

11/6/09 9:18 PM by JDolo

 some of these mma media sources need to start delivering higher quality footage from easily one of the best and most active gyms in the sport, in Tristar.

MiniToro site profile image  

11/6/09 9:04 PM by MiniToro

Wow that's shitty camera work!

moximus site profile image  

11/6/09 8:58 PM by moximus

loltalk about swangin on nutsackskids i tell ya

JDolo site profile image  

11/6/09 8:51 PM by JDolo

 ^lose anymore.

hugojkd site profile image  

11/6/09 8:30 PM by hugojkd

Damn...is there anything GSP can't do?

Wasa-B site profile image  

11/4/09 7:52 PM by Wasa-B

frenchie haters tremble

hubris site profile image  

11/4/09 7:36 PM by hubris

cameraman isn't very good

Jetster site profile image  

11/4/09 7:29 PM by Jetster

tttsweet video

WhiteWhale site profile image  

11/4/09 6:31 PM by WhiteWhale

if gsp can take hits from JLB he cannot have his chin questionedJLB hits like a truck and is great to teach GSP southpaw as he is actually right handed

JDolo site profile image  

11/4/09 4:53 PM by JDolo

 better believe it, if the WW division had it's shit together, he'd be good to go by Jan.  GSP's will be back, and his game will be on an even higher level.