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Parisyan had contacted Kizer a few weeks ago to discuss a "nagging, lingering injury," Kizer said, and asked what proper medications he could take prior to the bout. Kizer said he instructed Parisyan that Tylenol and icing was the safest method, but encouraged the fighter to have his physician send in a letter stating his injuries and what medications he was taking for it, so the NSAC doctor could work with him. Kizer spoke again with Parisyan within the last week to discuss a payment plan for the $32,000 fine the fighter had previously accrued. Kizer said that NSAC Chairman Pat Lundvall had agreed to disperse payment for the fine out of the fighter’s show and win purse for this weekend. "We knew (Parisyan) was having some financial difficulties and wanted to try and help him," Kizer told Sherdog.com. It was agreed that $16,000 would be deducted from each purse and in the case of a loss, Parisyan would make further arrangements to settle up the remaining balance. Kizer said Parisyan seemed pleased with the arrangement.

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11/19/09 5:59 PM by NHB USA

 ttt for later

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11/19/09 5:55 PM by CRBMoney14

His point about close decisions in 3 round fights is exactly why the 10 point must system doesnt work.Dont really get he point at the end of him saying controversy is good, when 80% of the MMA community thinks someone won and he loses unanimously that isnt good

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11/19/09 5:42 PM by LEET060


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11/19/09 5:41 PM by LEET060

The last two UFC events weren't in Las Vegas, NV. I think that he cares about what goes on in the NSAC. Keith Kizer works for NSAC, Not CSAC. When MMA isn't going on in Nevada, there is boxing going usually in Nevada

IrishRottie site profile image  

11/19/09 5:23 PM by IrishRottie

Who do you think won machida or shogun?

Boldar site profile image  

11/19/09 5:13 PM by Boldar

I fail to see how your lack of ability to comprehend the written word means Kizer is doing a bad job?  Go back and actually read Cecil's comments, and stop trying to spin all the details into some conspiracy, then you might be taken seriously.

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11/19/09 5:06 PM by Kneeblock

 Who cares about the judges.  This is about

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11/19/09 5:00 PM by IrishRottie

 Is he for real? Saying the last two main events werent that big of a deal. He is defending the judges. Kizer do you job and listen to what Cecil Peolpes said after the fight....he doesnt fuckin score leg kicks. Sort this shit out.   He hasnt even watchin the fights yet.

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11/19/09 4:59 PM by tmr

 thanks for fast post

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11/19/09 4:52 PM by TheGoldenRule

damn.thanx Card