Logo   Nate Diaz and Karo Parisyan on TUF 5
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dking site profile image  

11/20/09 3:28 PM by dking

classic..this is the 1 season I'd watch again

KimuraKing site profile image  

11/20/09 3:16 PM by KimuraKing

Nate Diaz rules. Hilarious.

Nitecrawler site profile image  

11/20/09 3:12 PM by Nitecrawler

LMFAO!!!! Thank you Card...right on cue :)

billyball2 site profile image  

11/20/09 3:10 PM by billyball2

His 15 minutes have officially expired...

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

11/20/09 3:07 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

 "dude, im gonna pop him if he gets near me...how bout that? How bout if he gets near me he's getting popped....how bout that?" A classic line in television history. My favorite part is how Manny is consoling Nate and puts his hand on his shoulder/neck...very ironic.

bryanand site profile image  

11/20/09 3:07 PM by bryanand

What was funny was I think we all thought Karo would have wrecked him at the time if they actually fought...in hindsight Karo probably didn't even have that on his side..LOL!Do you know who I am bro?

Nitecrawler site profile image  

11/20/09 3:03 PM by Nitecrawler

"Do you know who I am" gif in 3....2....1.....

NoPlacebo site profile image  

11/20/09 2:56 PM by NoPlacebo

It was obvious from this and from his reaction to losing that Karo had serious confidence issues. I sincerely hope he gets well and can come back, I love watching him fight.