Logo   Dana White Talks Karo Parisyan Banned From UFC
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Dana White talks about the Karo situation

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BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

11/21/09 11:34 AM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

He pulled out of two fights at the last second and was caught with banned substances in the other one.

wrongaboutVitali site profile image  

11/21/09 11:21 AM by wrongaboutVitali

I'm out of the loop on this one.What did Karo do in his last 3 fights that was so bad? What's his main problem?

Shaper108 site profile image  

11/21/09 10:39 AM by Shaper108

At least he didn't bash the shit out of Karo. He does need to get his life in order. I hope that happens. Only time will tell.Drugs are bad, Mmmmkay?

Jeepster site profile image  

11/21/09 10:39 AM by Jeepster

True, I applaud Dana for sticking with him and trying to help him through tough times, and rescheduling fights. Hope Karo can straighten things out

Fletch F Fletch site profile image  

11/21/09 10:30 AM by Fletch F Fletch

That pretty much sums it up.

DoctorVanNostran site profile image  

11/21/09 8:47 AM by DoctorVanNostran


john joe site profile image  

11/21/09 8:23 AM by john joe

Dana White talks about the Karo situation