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Amazing MMA fight!!! (5:35)

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12/14/09 7:32 PM by Maximum Fighting

  Z-Files #48 - Best of 2009 Part 1 Top 10 Submissions of the Year   The Year 2009 is in the books for the Maximum Fighting Championship so it is time once again to review the very best of the campaign gone by with the Z-Files’ annual look at the Top 10 finishes and fights.   We’ll begin with the Top 10 Submissions of 2009, and follow that up with the Top 10 Knockouts, and wrap it all up with the Top 10 Fights of the Year. For something new, this will be the first time that the Z-Files’ Top 10s of the Year will not only feature the top results of the MFC, but also some terrific action from Heat XC, the MFC’s top developmental organization.   Here are the Top 10 Submissions for 2009:   10. John Alessio def. Andrew Buckland (2:53, Round 1, MFC 21): Buckland talked a good game, stating he was going to put the much-more seasoned Alessio into retirement. Alessio, who was looking to rebound following a loss to Paul Daley, would have none of it and came into the fight focused and he proved to be way more than Buckland could handle. After roughing him up with some vicious ground-and-pound, Alessio was served up Buckland’s back and he sunk in the fight-finishing rear-naked choke.   9. Paapa Inkumsah def. Jake Bluhm (4:05, Round 1, Heat XC 1): Inkumsah and Bluhm were expected to brawl and they did just that over the first couple minutes. Once it hit the ground, Inkumsah showed to be the vastly more diverse fighter and Bluhm was a fish out of water. Inkumsah rained down some shots from the mount and then wrapped up the fight with the rear-naked choke.   8. Ryan Machan def. Simon Marini (1:48, Round 1, MFC 20): Two fighters who were eyeing an opportunity to climb the ladder. On paper and by looking at the two face to face, Marini would have appeared to have a distinct edge. But Machan moved past Marini’s attempt to slug it out, scored the takedown, and then swiftly positioned himself into a slick rear-naked choke. It wouldn’t be the last impressive outing of the year for Machan.   7. Joe Christopher def. Andrew Buckland (1:54, Round 1, MFC 22): They don’t call Christopher “Joe Jitsu” for nothing. It was a cakewalk for the smooth-moving Texan as he whipped Buckland to the mat, roughed him up, and then sunk in a gripping guillotine choke. Buckland had no answer and was forced to tapout in quick fashion.   6. Paapa Inkumsah def. David Krawczyk (4:02, Round 1, Heat XC 3): Krawczyk put the pressure on from the get-go as the former national-level wrestler sought out the long legs of Inkumsah for the potential takedown. But each time, Inkumsah showed great defense with sprawls and footwork to avoid being dumped. When Krawczyk did finally get Inkumsah down, the lanky Canadian flashed some advanced jiu-jitsu skills with a tight triangle choke to secure the victory.   5. Roger Hollett def. Aron Lofton (3:02, Round 1, Heat XC 4): Two solidly build light heavyweights locked horns and it was expected to be a fight that would end with the first perfectly timed right hand to the chin. Lofton, though, opted for the takedown and seemed to be in the right spot to attack with some furious ground-and-pound. But instead it was Hollett who showcased his ground game when he locked onto a wayward limb and used his incredible power to end it with a solid armbar.   4. Josh Russell def. Donovan Foley (1:00, Round 1, MFC 20): There’s good jiu-jitsu and then there’s elite level jiu-jitsu. Russell, a Gracie Barra black belt, was undeniably at his best as he transitioned from attempt to attempt against Foley who was like a lost child in the woods when the fight hit the floor. Russell deftly floated over Foley’s back and right into a picture-perfect triangle choke. It could not have looked any better.   3. David Heath def. Roger Hollett (2:30, Round 1, MFC 20): Heath was willing to stand and trade with Hollett, the former MFC light heavyweight champ who was eager to erase the taste of dropping the title one fight earlier. Though Hollett had the edge in pure strength, there was no way that he could break free from Heath’s grip when they hit the deck. Heath wrenched away and there was no escape for Hollett who had to tap from a textbook guillotine choke.   2. Bobby Lashley def. Mike Cook (0:24, Round 1, MFC 21): Lashley, the former pro wrestling star, was noticeably angered at both the weigh-in and the walk-in when Cook mocked his previous career by wearing a lucha libre mask. The easy answer for Lashley was to win decisively and the massive heavyweight needed only one move to finish the fight. Lashley avoided a wild strike from Cook and took the Californian’s neck with a frightening front choke. Lashley used all of his considerable power to wrangle Cook to the mat and he proceeded to leave him an unconscious quivering mass.   And the 2010 MFC Submission of the Year goes to …   1. Ryan Machan def. Kajan Johnson (3:30, Round 1, MFC 23): Few, if any, gave Machan a chance as he faced the more-experienced Johnson, who was coming off a devastating win over Josh Russell, Machan’s jiu-jitsu coach. And it didn’t look good for Machan early on as Johnson was scoring with strikes and even looked to have Machan in serious trouble. But Machan pulled it out of the fire in fine style. Machan reversed an attempted submission attempt, took Johnson’s back, and slid home his patented rear-naked choke to force the tapout. A very surprising but well-deserved result. www.maximumfighting.com

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12/14/09 4:19 PM by Maximum Fighting


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12/8/09 4:21 PM by Kai Tremeche


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12/8/09 4:13 PM by Card