Logo   Wanderlei Silva Signing on to Fight Michael Bisping
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Wanderlei Silva lets Fighters Only behind the scenes as he signs the papers for a fight with Michael Bisping, then teases his lawyer Wand is on form in this one, he is funny

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MMAknowitall site profile image  

12/12/09 9:37 AM by MMAknowitall


Jacques mikeblak Furieuxly site profile image  

12/12/09 8:54 AM by Jacques mikeblak Furieuxly

nice guys are scary, lol a legend right there

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

12/12/09 8:18 AM by Heartbroken Lee

No worries, JJ. I just took it wrong. Anyone that thinks Wanderlei would duck any fighter is insane.

john joe site profile image  

12/12/09 8:02 AM by john joe

sorry Lee, that was badly written on my part. I literally meant 'people posting on forums', I wasnt referring to you specificallyi am going to tell Gary you called him fat though, that was well funny

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

12/11/09 6:35 PM by Heartbroken Lee

JJ, I never suggested that Wanderlei ducked Bisping at 105. Please don't accuse me of something like that without evidence. I'm a huge Wanderlei fan. Rooted for him in every one of his UFC fights so far.I think it's kind of a deliberate misinterpretation on Wand's part, but not in a bad way. He's just getting amped for the fight, and selling it too. He knows how to sell a fight does Wand.And no offence to Gary. A lot of women like the 'husky' look - LOL!

john joe site profile image  

12/11/09 6:25 PM by john joe

How dare you. Gary Alexander is beach-hunk buff (no romo)The afraid thing came from people like you on forums suggesting that Wand had ducked Mike at 105 by having eyebrow surgery, but I think when that suggestion has been put to Wand he has got the wrong end of the stickOr, he may have deliberately mis-interpreted it as coming direct from mike in order to fire himself up more, that wouldnt surprise me either.

El Zee site profile image  

12/11/09 1:42 PM by El Zee

My guys.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

12/11/09 1:40 PM by ChokeEmOut

 All Wanderlei needs to do is to even remotely connect on Bisping and Bisping goes for to down. lol Wanderlei's problems are technical and not so much physical, sure he is a hell of alot slower and pldding now but the power is easily still there. He only needs to get hsi punches on Bisping's chin...Bisping is a pitty pat puncher and runs around alot. He might as well have pillows on his hands, same as Forrest. Both look they are sparring in their fights, Bisping at least has more finishes but I see this either being a vicious KO for Wanderlei or a running around Bisping praying for a decision win.

outofalignment site profile image  

12/11/09 1:34 PM by outofalignment

I love how he is confident enough to carry around a Coach Man purse.

White Culture site profile image  

12/11/09 1:26 PM by White Culture

bisping is going down