Logo   Roger Gracie: My Family Brought MMA To the World
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FIGHT!'s Danny Acosta talks with Roger Gracie, grandson of Carlos Gracie, about his recent signing with Strikeforce

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mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

12/23/09 9:22 PM by mcpeepants232003

I'm very excited to see Roger's Strikeforce debut. It's so weird that we haven't seen a Gracie grace the big shows in quite some time and now we'll have Roger, Rolles and Renzo all fighting on the big stage in the next 6 months.

inf0 site profile image  

12/23/09 8:57 PM by inf0

can't wait to see Roger fight a legit opponent...

BuddyRevell site profile image  

12/23/09 8:53 PM by BuddyRevell

 Does Roger have the takedowns to bring good fighters into his domain? 

MMAunltd site profile image  

12/23/09 7:18 PM by MMAunltd

Good interview and Roger comes across really well I think. 205lbs is a good move for him.

liquidrob site profile image  

12/23/09 7:00 PM by liquidrob

Who would be a good fight for Roger at this point at LHW?Maybe Randleman, Sok or Humphrey?

RobbieH site profile image  

12/22/09 5:10 PM by RobbieH

 Roger is gonna HURT some guys... Can't wait. I really am not interested in modern MMA, I only watched it to learn in teh past and not like "fan of fighter" kinda guy.. Too many cookie cutter brawler types now who prefer to "stand and bang" with sloppy kickboxing and enough ground skills where they can hold on until a stand up...

liquidrob site profile image  

12/22/09 5:03 PM by liquidrob

I wonder who Roger will fight first and if it will be on the Challenger show

the rooster site profile image  

12/22/09 4:45 PM by the rooster

the brazilian/british accent is wild.

liquidrob site profile image  

12/22/09 4:31 PM by liquidrob

Looks like he will be fighting at LHW, much better weight for him

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

12/22/09 3:04 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

Right, so that sort of changes the whole argument against training UFC.