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Gary Goodridge's Pre-Fight interview for FieLDS Dynamite!! 2009 (Dec.31.2009 / Saitama Super Arena, Japan) (10:15)

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Mark Dorsey site profile image  

11/3/10 2:41 AM by Mark Dorsey


Steamfitter site profile image  

12/29/09 11:59 AM by Steamfitter

He's a little punch drunk. No way he should be fighting anymore.

samonoske site profile image  

12/29/09 11:29 AM by samonoske

Gary said he has not fought in japan in ten years he fought there in 2007. Also he said he has not fought mma in 5-10 years he had 4 fights in 2008, all losses. I think he is losing it.  

inf0 site profile image  

12/29/09 11:24 AM by inf0

Well, I don't even consider that statement a troll.....

ajsr site profile image  

12/29/09 10:07 AM by ajsr

 Could you try to at least confine your trolling to one thread, it's tediously boring.

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

12/29/09 9:56 AM by Heartbroken Lee

Punch-drunk, old, matched against an opponent that will absolutely destroy him. Go Japan!

threestars35 site profile image  

12/29/09 9:46 AM by threestars35

i call it, this will be like the Mousasi/Hunt fight. Daddy needs the cash fast

EnderinAK site profile image  

12/29/09 7:31 AM by EnderinAK

btwhe sounds a lot better in this interview than in some of his other recent ones.

EnderinAK site profile image  

12/29/09 7:30 AM by EnderinAK

It isn't just you he has sounded punch drunk for a couple years now. I wish the guy didn't need to fight, it is real unfortunate to see a good guy like him going out just to take a payday and receiving serious damage.

inf0 site profile image  

12/29/09 7:25 AM by inf0

Is it my imagination or is Gary sounding punchy??? Something doesn't seem right with his gaze either. Also, he's never seen Mousasi fight? I hope GG gets finished with a sub and doesn't take too many strikes.