Logo   Junior Dos Santos vs. Joaquim Ferreira
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Dos Santos' only loss

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1/15/10 2:26 AM by Almanac

Bringing it back

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1/12/10 1:39 PM by Almanac


I Sucked Hardy's Swick site profile image  

1/7/10 5:09 PM by I Sucked Hardy's Swick

 Dos Santos is the real deal. My only worry is him fighting the big wrestlers in the HW division. He needs to put on about 20 lbs imo.

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1/7/10 4:52 PM by canuck34

Kongo WAS a K1 caliber striker. Problem with guys like Kongo and Cro Cop etc...is that they start to try to improve the other facets of their game (as they should) but their best attributes seem to fade a bit.In K1 Mirko was dynamic, as he was for his first few years in MMA, but over time he became the left high kick machine. I remember when he was a great all around kickboxer. Same with Kongo. When he started in the UFC his ground game sucked but his striking was crisp. That Kongo wouldn't have had his right hand at his waist like he did against Mir.Back on topic, I think Dos Santos is near the top.

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1/7/10 4:41 PM by Doug Wilson

 Joaquim "Mamute" Ferreira is dropping down to 205lbs and is currently in discussions to sign with Shinefights.com to add to their all ready deep lineup at that weigh class.

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1/7/10 4:30 PM by tmr

 "Kongo's a K1 caliber striker"

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

1/7/10 4:27 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

hope he doesn't try the fake tap shit in the big show. he will get his arm broken.

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1/7/10 4:18 PM by Almanac


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1/1/10 3:12 AM by Hemoplata

Right there with ya