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Ben Henderson vs. Jamie Varner Urijah Faber vs. Rafael Assuncao Sunday Jan. 10

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GardnerD site profile image  

1/10/10 3:55 AM by GardnerD

I like Varner, the guy can fight.

EvilGumby site profile image  

1/10/10 3:39 AM by EvilGumby

azsabre- I am humbled by your blue-naming, photo-shopping prowess. Perhaps you are not the lockdown staller I had pegged you for previously.

azsabre site profile image  

1/10/10 1:29 AM by azsabre

Can't trust a mudnamer farther that you can pull guard on them. At least I can post photos! Bow to my blue name power!!

EvilGumby site profile image  

1/10/10 12:11 AM by EvilGumby

Maybe you should recheck my posts then bluenamer. Wrestling and takedowns FTW! There's a reason you get 2 for the takedown and none for butt-scootin'.Gustavo's does indeed have some sweet tournaments though! That much you are right about.

LEET060 site profile image  

1/9/10 11:48 PM by LEET060

WEC countdown preview vid way better than UFC preview countdown

azsabre site profile image  

1/9/10 10:47 PM by azsabre

EvilGumby - you sound like a dirty guard puller

azsabre site profile image  

1/9/10 10:41 PM by azsabre

The Lab has nothing but respect for AZCS and what they have done for MMA in Arizona and the entire sport. We are all huge supporters of Gustavo's BJJ tournaments and AZCS.

inf0 site profile image  

1/6/10 5:12 PM by inf0

 lol Benderson by Benstruction