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Dawkins site profile image  

11/14/10 10:26 PM by Dawkins

I just didn't like tall they tell you before the fight is that he loses and the fans chant Pulver Pulver! Then it's over. I thought they were gonna animate the fight or something? I really see footage of him after the fight.Small complaints. Great but good have been much greater!

juicer site profile image  

11/10/10 4:58 PM by juicer


lordbreakdown site profile image  

11/10/10 4:19 PM by lordbreakdown

ok.. I forgot I bought it through paypal.. the emails were sent to an odd account I use. I guess it'll any time now...

lordbreakdown site profile image  

11/10/10 4:06 PM by lordbreakdown

 any word on this? I haven't gotten the DVD or the link...

Gaspare site profile image  

11/6/10 10:31 PM by Gaspare

 wha'ts his email I never got a link, I guess aslong as I get the actual DVD I won't care that much.........

GriffinQ site profile image  

11/4/10 4:28 PM by GriffinQ

 I wonder if they'll include additional footage like that for the dvd release? I know they have A LOT more footage available for use than what was in the film, and I know they filmed after his loss. I don't think Zuffa gave them permission to use anything from the fight itself though, including his post fight speech, so I'm guessing they just wanted to end it before the fight occured.

ec site profile image  

11/4/10 4:14 PM by ec

I think they have filmed a followup and will release it eventually? And to MentaL, if at any point you ordered the movie you should get a link. Email Gregory bayne or wait for him to show up here. Will watch it today when I get home!

Dawkins site profile image  

11/4/10 4:08 PM by Dawkins

Just watched the movie and it's the best MMA doc I have ever seen. One issue I had with the movie is we didn't see Jen's reaction backstage after the loss. No mention on his future for people who don't follow the sport. Kind of a rushed ending.

GriffinQ site profile image  

11/4/10 3:55 PM by GriffinQ

 Did you buy it before a certain date? When they were still asking for contributions?

MentaL site profile image  

11/4/10 3:53 PM by MentaL

 i didnt get mailed an online link and i bought it :(