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Aaron Tru follows Mike Joker Guymon as he closes training camp for his UFN 20 bout. Joker's new TAPOUT signature shirt is shown and cameos from Mark Munoz and James Wilks are included as well. Special thanks to Joker, James Wilks, Mark Munoz, Albert Rosales, Mrs. Joker, LA Boxing and LayzieTheSavage. Joker is one of the nicest guys in the game and we all wish you the best!!!

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gumba123 site profile image  

4/7/10 3:51 AM by gumba123

love you Joker! God Bless George Bush! Your a mans man! Z

BJJkilla site profile image  

1/12/10 4:29 AM by BJJkilla

wanna see this fight, sucked it wasn't shown on the broadcast.

Russ site profile image  

1/12/10 4:28 AM by Russ

here is the fight recapRory MacDonald vs. Michael GuymonRound 1Guymon shoots and presses MacDonald against the cage. MacDonald brings him down and works to pass. Lots of jockeying for position. MacDonald passes and Guymon stands up, getting clipped with a knee in the process. Guymon shoots again and tries to bring it down. They break and MacDonald gets off a punch/kick combination. Guymon drops MacDonald to a knee with a right and MacDonald lunges for the leg. MacDoanld recoers quickly and its back standing. MacDonald catches a kick and brings Guymon down. Guymon tries to back door out but it pinned down. MacDonald passes to side and peppering Guymon with punches. Guymon struggling to improve and MacDonald shoots for kimura. MacDonald sits down for an armbar and Guymon gets caught. He taps.

Tru site profile image  
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1/12/10 4:06 AM by Tru

joker lost via arm bard with 30 seconds left in rd 1.

NLMG site profile image  

1/12/10 3:31 AM by NLMG

 Does anyone know how he did? Either way I can say one thing.  I met the Joker briefly backstage at UFC 108.  The guy was nothing less than super cool.  All the success for him, he deserves it.

Tru site profile image  
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1/12/10 1:44 AM by Tru

 great effort joker...cant wait to see you out there next time!!!

GJJ2803 site profile image  

1/11/10 2:59 PM by GJJ2803


Heddy site profile image  

1/11/10 2:15 PM by Heddy

Joker is the man! Kick ass sea bass!