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Koga site profile image  

1/25/10 9:17 PM by Koga

Royce is very, very talented and would have been a force in sport bjj if that is where he focussed his energy. Funny thing about the blue belt is that when I went to a Royce seminar in 1996, he awarded a blue belt to everyone who said they had been training for more than 2 years. To everyone in his association, I would not worry too much about Royce wearing a blue because he does not have anyone to promote him, I'm sure he will still award blue belts to association members for a small fee.

krept site profile image  

1/25/10 8:53 PM by krept

Interesting. I was wondering about the prevalence of powder blue belts in Brazil and wondering... damn, the darker blue belts are so much cooler looking. It sounds like the darker blue is the old school version of black belt. I wonder if the guys who were rolling since back in the day throttle the visiting blues who wear the dark belts just a little more.

hiptosser site profile image  

1/25/10 6:37 PM by hiptosser

I heard Royce was nasty and I have heard first hand about Royce lighting up some pan am champs who were in attendance a seminar. Royce clowned them and was all cocky about they were black belts. The point is Royce might not the best ever but there are plenty of us who could learn a thing (I know Vinny doesn't need any lessons) but I would go to class happy if Royce was teaching.

Slysir09 site profile image  

1/25/10 6:31 PM by Slysir09

"GJJ is all about street fighting and self defense. He and Helio have never been about sport bjj."Oh thats straight nonsense...Helio was just as much involved with sport competition as anyone else and there sure are alot of pictures of Royce competing when he was a kid.....The problem was is the sport grew and surpassed them both so now its magically all about self defense now. Funny people I know who went to Royces seminars claimed they didnt learn any special self defense detail....was the same thing theyve learned from their own coach.

hiptosser site profile image  

1/25/10 5:02 PM by hiptosser

GSP and "who" is about right unless of course "who" wins

CJJScout site profile image  

1/25/10 4:16 PM by CJJScout

Wow, Vinny pulls no punches.

junon site profile image  

1/25/10 4:14 PM by junon

seems like you dont know what Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is.

hiptosser site profile image  

1/25/10 12:39 PM by hiptosser

It is in an interview somewhere on Judoinfo I will try to find to today. I read it a couple of years ago and was suprised, im not saying Helio actually wore a blue belt to that match but he said he did in that interview

Kneeblock site profile image  

1/25/10 9:24 AM by Kneeblock

 When I saw the thread title, I thought Royce was confirming some long held suspicions.

Koga site profile image  

1/25/10 4:10 AM by Koga

Source please. On the GJJ website http://www.gracieacademy.com/ under 1951 they say that Kimura outweighted Helio by 80 lbs. As Kimura weighed