Logo   Mike Swick More Than Motivated for Upcoming Fight
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CRBMoney14 site profile image  

1/26/10 9:35 PM by CRBMoney14

Swick has definately been a letdown at 170

mugatu site profile image  

1/26/10 9:22 PM by mugatu

He was pretty aggressive in the Ben Saunders fight. I'm looking forward to his fight with Paulo, it should be a war

FreakDaddy site profile image  

1/26/10 7:13 PM by FreakDaddy

Paulo is gonna finish Swick and might even beat him standing. Swick really needs to fight at 185.

YourDumbFace site profile image  

1/25/10 2:53 PM by YourDumbFace


CRE site profile image  

1/25/10 2:08 PM by CRE

When is the last time Mike Swick really laid it on the line in the cage? I know he lays it on the line just by getting in there, but honestly he takes no risk. What happened to the Quick in Swick? He is less aggressive than ever, he slowly evolving into a Couture esque clinch rider, pretty soon he will be doing the Phelps in every fight. Who was the guy who turned him around stylewise? Okami when he sent him to 170? I mean what's exciting about a Swick fight now? He looks to play to the scorecards, I can't get behind that shit, put him on the prelims and let some hungrier guys get the spotlight, no joke, no real hate man, but his fights haven't been good as of late. I want to pay for the exciting fighters in the UFC, not just the name fighters.  There is just absolutely no justification for guys like Jake Ellenberger not getting the spotlight over Swick at this point, guys like Brian Foster and it's pretty easy to go on  listing hungrier more exciting fighters, they might not beat Swick the strategist, but they put on more exciting fights and that's what UFC promises.  This "Dana club" of fighters is laughable, if you are his buddy look at the wonders it can do for your career. ttt for NGAUGING IN A FIGHT! 

RickStorm site profile image  

1/25/10 2:00 PM by RickStorm

 Nice addition Card....

Card site profile image  

1/25/10 1:59 PM by Card

vs. Paulo Thiago - UFC 109  

RickStorm site profile image  

1/25/10 1:57 PM by RickStorm