Logo   James Clingerman vs. Carlos Avalar IMAC March 6, 1998
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2/11/10 5:25 PM by TapSkilz

That's cool that you keep in touch!

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2/11/10 12:31 AM by jhahn

Wow James, I can't believe it's been 10 years since the shooting!!!! That is crazy. One thing I can say about James is he is one of the nicest, most genuine guys I have ever met. One thing that still stands out is my ex-girlfriend's son thought James was God and was really shaken up after the shooting. James called and talked to him to let him know that he was ok. BTW James, I still talk to him. He is in the Army, been to Iraq and trains alot in grappling. And I be sure to mute the sound on the fights after the shooting. Nobody wants to hear the drunk guy commentating or singing :-)

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2/11/10 12:14 AM by nowaydo


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2/11/10 12:08 AM by LayzieTheSavage


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2/11/10 12:04 AM by TapSkilz

LeftBench-Yes I am still going. I was promoted to Black Belt in October of 2007. I teach full time at the Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy (www.IBJJA.com) and also run the Extreme Grappling Open (www.EGOTournaments.com).As far as the shooting; I was sitting at a stop light on a Sunday evening. A car pulled up next to me (to my left). I saw something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over, the passenger of the car was flipping me off and screaming obscenities.I ignored him, for a bit and them told him I couldn't hear him.The driver, his pregnant girlfriend, pulled the car forward. So, we were unable to see each other. Then, the car rolled back. He lifted a silver 9mm out of his lap and shot me before I could even get my foot off of the brake.The bullet hit me in the left cheek and drove it's way in. I was knocked down into the passenger seat of my car, which was crazy since I was wearing my seatbelt. The impact actually broke my seatbelt retractor!I was blind (seeing only red) and deaf (loud ringing), but decided to get out of there. So, I floored it and drove a few blocks before hitting another car. At that point I got out of my car and leaned on the car I hit. Blood was POURING from my head like water out of a gallon. I decided to sit in the street and not bleed on his car. That's just rude. A cop had seen me hit the car. So, he came over and they got an ambulance there pretty fast.I ended up with 2 steel plates to reconstruct my cheekbone and a "sling" to hold my eye in place. The bullet is still in my head. I'm almost completely blind in my left eye and have some ear problems, but overall, I'm doing pretty well.This was Feb. 20th 2000. So, It's coming up on 10 years, since all of that.

kancho assassin site profile image  

1/30/10 3:22 PM by kancho assassin

I was actually talking to Shonie about this show a couple of months ago. I hated him for many years after that night because of his sportsmanship. I had my first mma fight on this card as well vs. Wally Holem. Met Jeff Osbourne, Wes Collins, Sean Brockmole all for the first time. The old HNS days take me back. Partied with Gary Myers in the hotel bar after the IMAC event which was cool at the time.

LeftBench site profile image  

1/30/10 3:00 PM by LeftBench

TapSkilz,Tell us more about yourself. Are you a BJJ Blackbelt now? I've heard your name before and I think you're a BB now but I'm not sure. Also, tell us more about being shot in the head? What happened?

TapSkilz site profile image  

1/30/10 2:15 PM by TapSkilz

a verdade- Who are you?I fought Keith Wisniewski 3 months after this and then in 2001 I fought in an 8-Man tourney (11 months after being shot in the head). I'll try to get those videos, or at least highlights of, up soon. Fun times! It's hard to believe that I quit fighting MMA 9 years ago. I always think about doing it again, but I just don't see it happening.

a verdade site profile image  

1/29/10 11:37 AM by a verdade

Nobody has any idea what it took to fight 2 or 3 fights a night in the old days. James was just a youngster back then and we had great time training for those shows.James and the guys would workout 6 - 7 days a week and they just couldn't get enough of it. Glad to see his passion is still there. The Carter fight went to an extra round if I remember right. I haven't watched that fight in 10 years.

TapSkilz site profile image  

1/29/10 10:47 AM by TapSkilz

On impact from that belly to belly, snot came shooting out of my nose. I took a quick second and started to wipe it up and he mounted me. Made me not worry about the snot! ha ha