Logo   Mac Danzig talks Hoelzer Reich
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Tru site profile image  

2/7/10 3:06 PM by Tru

 congrats mac

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  
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2/6/10 3:58 PM by LayzieTheSavage


OldManMinerva site profile image  

1/31/10 5:25 PM by OldManMinerva

I refuse to believe the guy is that fucking cluelessYou mean to tell me you graduated from high school and you can't put together what Reich in combination with thinly disguised swastikas meansWhatever

lookoutawhale site profile image  

1/31/10 4:50 PM by lookoutawhale

probably killed my chances with that last video hahah.

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  
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1/29/10 12:29 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 I'm surprised the fucking guy hasn't hired you yet. 

Tru site profile image  

1/28/10 6:00 PM by Tru

 your kimbo and dana white video was classic.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

1/28/10 3:33 AM by lookoutawhale

 thanks! nope i didnt win that one.

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  
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1/27/10 7:02 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 Kimbo video was HILARIOUS.  Didn't Dana treat you to some sort of trip or something?

The Realist site profile image  

1/27/10 5:19 PM by The Realist

Mac is too ugly and getting mauled in the UFC, he's one weird dude.Hope he can get some wins on the smaller shows and make another run in the UFC.

Tru site profile image  

1/27/10 3:24 PM by Tru

 lol, it's true, he actually gets pissed everytime about how it got lack of attention.