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humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

2/5/10 3:00 PM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

that is a really old video.

orcus site profile image  

2/5/10 2:59 PM by orcus

 I love how 90% of this forum is unable to recognize sarcasm no matter how blatant.

Jimboliah site profile image  

2/5/10 2:49 PM by Jimboliah

The OP wanted to join in on the "Look what Chael Sonnen said" thread trend so bad that he posted an old interview. Awesome.

BaddKarma site profile image  
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2/5/10 2:29 PM by BaddKarma

wow, if that's true, then Chael, a politician is THE profession for you. Shameless, spiness dick sucking.

super chin site profile image  

2/5/10 2:03 PM by super chin

chael is quite the irl troll. i still want nate to win though, despite teh shits and giggles.

Hungry4Stink site profile image  

2/5/10 1:59 PM by Hungry4Stink

 You are correct. This interview is old too.

audiophile26 site profile image  

2/5/10 1:58 PM by audiophile26

 I'm sorry but Nate has really turned himself into a new fighter since his last loss to Silva. He is very well rounded and I think has a great chance against Silva. He is a huge MW, BJJ BB, a good striker, good wrestling, I mean he possesses an all around game that most in the MW division just do not have. I am glad Dana finally confirmed that the winner will get a title fight. I am pretty confident Nate will get the win here and get his title fight in the summer.

RedCoat site profile image  

2/5/10 1:57 PM by RedCoat

Chael has a beautiful home.

Dana Stern site profile image  

2/5/10 1:55 PM by Dana Stern

I would much rather see Sonnen vs Silva than Nate and Silva again. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I'm taking the bait with this guy and enjoying it very much. I think he really believes in himself and that's what it will take to beat Anderson. That and whole lot of other things but this guy is funny.

MrMichaelz site profile image  

2/5/10 1:33 PM by MrMichaelz