Logo   Matt Rocca TKO Win over Shawn Tompkins
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tulip site profile image  

2/7/10 8:00 PM by tulip

Shawn may be a good coach, but this match was a battle of 2 guys who were 0-3, and Shawn came out of it 0-4. He also once posed for a photo shoot wearing a title belt that his student had won, with his hand carefully posed over the plate that said "lightweight".

BaddKarma site profile image  

2/7/10 1:14 PM by BaddKarma

 Kevin Rooney, Mike Tyson's trainer getting KTFO.

Dougie site profile image  

2/7/10 1:08 PM by Dougie

 Tompkins imo. LOL!

IrishRottie site profile image  

2/6/10 5:16 PM by IrishRottie

eh shawn lost on the ground every time didnt he.

sharp01 site profile image  

2/6/10 5:14 PM by sharp01

i know matt he was a very talented fighter and i believe he got sean down to the ground from stand up strikes .Matt was a grappler.Not knocking shawn but he is a better coach than mma fighter,his kick-boxing carreeer was pretty good from what ive heard

UltraViolentRay site profile image  

2/6/10 4:07 PM by UltraViolentRay

lol @ dougie, cindy and all others who would like Tompkins losing MMA career to be forgotten. You guys are trying to hard and I'm sure you White Knights can stand down. As many have said, it has no bearing on his coaching or anything else. Just because someone is interested in someone's MMA fights and that person does not have a winning record, it is no proof or indication of maliciousness.My favourite fighter has a 0-2 record: if I were to ask to see video on him does that make me a hater?

CRE site profile image  

2/6/10 3:54 PM by CRE

Tompkins strikes me as the type of guy I would want in my corner for more reasons than just his technical striking.When I see him come out with Stout and his fighters, he oozes a competitive spirit and energy that seems to rub off on his guys. As a cornerman, I look at Tompkins and man that guy is REALLY IN YOUR CORNER. He's coming out with Wanderlei and he's in a damn rhythm himself as a coach, I think he's one of the few coaches who when he makes that walk to the coach he wants the win as much as his fighter.He has a real good mental approach I think, gives his guys confidence, because he is very confident in you.

DreamerMMA site profile image  

2/6/10 3:48 PM by DreamerMMA

 Thompkins is a stellar coach and very personable and friendly if you ever get a chance to meet him.