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Chael Sonnen Lowlight by Bdog7

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KahL site profile image  

4/15/10 5:38 PM by KahL

 Wow, TTT for this haha. He's a great (see: annoying) shit talker and mid-tier caliber fighter, at best. Ah well, another death highlight for Anderson, I guess.

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

4/15/10 5:12 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 TTT for the man!

pigpen site profile image  

2/9/10 7:56 PM by pigpen


D3structo site profile image  

2/9/10 7:27 PM by D3structo

Its so obvious that he's a troll and people still hate him. He knows Fedor is the best fighter in the world but he still calls him a fattie. "Women dont belong in the cage, they belong in the kitchen" or what ever the quote was is obviously made to piss people off. I was really indifferent about Sonnen before this big win and now I just want to see what he can do. All his shit talk really doesnt matter.

bdog7 site profile image  

2/9/10 7:22 PM by bdog7

^ lol

crushingu site profile image  

2/9/10 7:19 PM by crushingu

^ paid for by "Friends of Obama"

bdog7 site profile image  

2/9/10 6:55 PM by bdog7

i bet Cre didn't even know who James Toney was 3 months ago

bdog7 site profile image  

2/9/10 6:50 PM by bdog7

Snitches get Stitches,, seriously though Cre why get all butt hurt,, Chael is the one talking all the shit wether its for promo purposes or not & im sure he can take it,, at first Chael really pissed me off with some of the shit he says but i laugh at most of it now cause he's such a knuckle head, If Anderson gets passed Vitor which i think he will, Chael is going to hype that fight up & make a lot of people tune in,,, Anderson will destroy Chael i have no doubt & its going to make for a big fight with all the shit Chael talks.

Squared Circle site profile image  

2/9/10 6:49 PM by Squared Circle

+1 Is it any wonder that intellectual property thieves are among the detractors of Chael Sonnen?

Chomas site profile image  

2/9/10 6:47 PM by Chomas