Logo   Eduardo Telles Rolling at Gracie SD
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The Mat Pimp site profile image  

2/12/10 2:19 AM by The Mat Pimp

Beautiful video. And for such a big guy, he moves with such a light touch.

vegard site profile image  

2/10/10 10:54 PM by vegard

"its almost like he is care free on the mat."this is so evident by watching the way he trains. he rolls the same with everybody -- white belts to black belts. watching him play around has helped me change my view of what jiu jitsu is and could be. being carefree in training is also the best way to learn, i think. as i've stopped caring so much about scores and winning all the time, my game has broadened out much more.

SMACDADDY site profile image  

2/10/10 9:14 PM by SMACDADDY


guiotine site profile image  

2/10/10 7:35 PM by guiotine

I love his turtle work

paw site profile image  

2/10/10 4:56 PM by paw

 for laters

7 Dust site profile image  

2/10/10 4:52 PM by 7 Dust

I agree Braulio is great. His guard is sick.Telles is super cool too, but I could never play even $.25 of his game.

Baroquen Record site profile image  

2/10/10 2:18 PM by Baroquen Record

telles is great to watch. and is one of the guys that has a lot of videos on youtube of him sparring. another great guy to watch spar is braulio.

nowaydo site profile image  

2/10/10 1:38 PM by nowaydo


marcovia site profile image  

2/10/10 10:51 AM by marcovia

 lol I know right!  his whole outlook on jiujitsu is just different!  He literally doesnt care what his opponent is doing in the match.  He is always looking to just play his game...if it doesnt work out...there is always another day.  its almost like he is care free on the mat.  very cool to watch.