Logo   Royler Gracie vs Eugenio Tadeu
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SPoulin site profile image  

2/21/10 2:09 PM by SPoulin

I think I just caught gay.

tommypatron site profile image  

2/19/10 1:24 PM by tommypatron

was this before there fight in 97?

Stephen_Carnes site profile image  

2/19/10 11:31 AM by Stephen_Carnes

I also have this on VHS. Can anyone translate Rickson's speach at the end?

marcovia site profile image  

2/18/10 11:05 PM by marcovia

 i like how the other guy was all lubed up....lol  (and we though GSP was bad lol)

GZFS site profile image  

2/18/10 10:43 PM by GZFS

sad to say that NO WHERE in that 9:38 seconds of what's supposed to be a 30 battle was Royler winning.

Judo Scott site profile image  

2/18/10 5:01 PM by Judo Scott

what the fuck were they fighting about?

Horus2001 site profile image  

2/18/10 4:47 PM by Horus2001

"how this is how men handle their issues"by fighting in underwear and wrestling boots?

CompanyBlue site profile image  

2/18/10 2:56 PM by CompanyBlue

Ricksons speech after the fight was about "how this is how men handle their issues" or something to that nature. I don't understand much portugese but I remember having a brazilian translate some of it years ago and I think that's what he came up with.

jjd site profile image  

2/17/10 2:12 AM by jjd

yeah Royler was 18

Angelo Popofski site profile image  

2/16/10 9:32 PM by Angelo Popofski

I asked Royler about it, he said he was young. Eighteen, if I remember correctly.