Logo   Jose Canseco confirms meeting with Scott Coker
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"If you really think about it, we're getting more coverage than all of their UFC fighters combined, especially on Twitter." (325,000 followers) "I was doing it before Herschel. I think it would be a perfect match. We are individual athletes that were great at what we did. Why can't we transcend it to another arena. It's more of a celebrity, entertainment type deal. It's a lot of fun. Why not do it?"

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OmegaPoon site profile image  

2/23/10 5:02 PM by OmegaPoon

 I would watch it, but what a horrible freakshow matchup.  Hershel impressed everyone, and so they give him Canseco???

JiuJitsuLifeMH site profile image  

2/23/10 5:00 PM by JiuJitsuLifeMH

Anyone notice all the eye twitching?

OWNEDbythe209 site profile image  

2/23/10 11:36 AM by OWNEDbythe209


Moderator site profile image  

2/23/10 11:31 AM by Moderator

Will you stop with the lame quoting of area codes on threads?Everytime you try to "represent" I cringe thinking about the pictures of you and your girl that you posted.I want to erase that memory please.

dan black site profile image  

2/23/10 11:29 AM by dan black

Canseco seemed to be taking it seriously he was really into training..

CindyO site profile image  

2/23/10 11:28 AM by CindyO

 I'd watch it. Cindy

dan black site profile image  

2/23/10 11:26 AM by dan black


rubbermonkey site profile image  

2/23/10 11:21 AM by rubbermonkey

this fight will happen..and it will get more publicity than ANY other mma match in history!