Logo   RARE UFC Promo from 2002
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Old school promo from the early Zuffa days. Lots of great names in this video.

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Jsteven site profile image  

2/26/10 11:34 AM by Jsteven

Right around the time I became a big fan

RODRIBS site profile image  

2/26/10 11:21 AM by RODRIBS

 The ramp and pyros are missed!

RaGEDMentaL site profile image  

2/26/10 9:46 AM by RaGEDMentaL

 That was awesome!

Nitecrawler site profile image  

2/26/10 9:44 AM by Nitecrawler

NICE!!!! Even saw a half second of the Genki entrance!

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

2/26/10 9:28 AM by Crazy Zimmerman

 At the time he didn't trane MMA, so they would be correct.

MrBoone site profile image  

2/25/10 11:34 PM by MrBoone


midwestbred site profile image  

2/25/10 11:33 PM by midwestbred

at the time? Those ign'ant fools are still around

BushidoAristotle site profile image  

2/25/10 11:26 PM by BushidoAristotle

Yeah, I like that, almost thought it was a highlight from PRIDE for a second.

tarheels90 site profile image  

2/25/10 11:17 PM by tarheels90

Entrances are so much more elaborate....which is really saying something

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

2/25/10 11:14 PM by Crazy Zimmerman