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Fighting on March 6th opening tv bout for WEC. also check out an article on him on: www.wec.tv/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&gid=78805 Facebook: facebook.com/kdarabedyan

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EddieBravo site profile image  

3/4/10 3:28 PM by EddieBravo

Yes, Karen is definitely a fan of the rubber guard, I've worked with him on it recently :)  

Tap21 site profile image  

3/1/10 3:35 PM by Tap21

TTT. I definitely enjoyed his last fight.

healzyou site profile image  

3/1/10 3:26 PM by healzyou

bart is one of my muay thai instructors, this is going to be an awesome fight

Posty Magee site profile image  

3/1/10 3:19 PM by Posty Magee

Beautiful beautiful hands. Does he have a solid MT coach? The knees could be much better technically.

Empire site profile image  

3/1/10 3:07 PM by Empire

yes. he def shined in his debut. he looks to be the real deal.

ninjaturtle2048 site profile image  

3/1/10 2:22 PM by ninjaturtle2048

 i really enjoyed watching this guy strike ttt for him

A.Muradyan site profile image  

3/1/10 12:43 PM by A.Muradyan

could we also in the future see displayed some weapons of Mr. Eddie Bravo in Karen's arsenal???

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

2/28/10 5:39 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

gotta support the fellow Armenian, glad to see there's a lot of Armenians in combat sports today.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

2/28/10 4:30 AM by NorthFromHere

I was really impressed with Karen's boxing in his fight with Razor Rob. In this video you can also see that he has some serious striking skills

Mark Dorsey site profile image  

2/28/10 3:53 AM by Mark Dorsey

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