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isaidwzzzzzup site profile image  

2/28/10 7:24 PM by isaidwzzzzzup

All the people who have to roll against Josh love it I'm sure. It's not often you would get to compete against someone like Josh at a local tournament.

fiercedragon site profile image  

2/28/10 4:43 PM by fiercedragon

is there any proof those "national level sambo players" are any better than brown belt jj artists @ grappling?

JOB site profile image  

2/28/10 3:35 PM by JOB

Fedor and Aleks compete in sambo tournaments at a national level - the highest possible level that there is for sambo. I'm not shooting Barnett down. I'm just not impressed by him beating a brown belt half his size. In the same respect, I wouldn't be impressed by Fedor beating someone with limited competition experience, half his size.

Trojan Rubber Guard site profile image  

2/28/10 3:32 PM by Trojan Rubber Guard

Fedor and Aleks aren't roided up assholes. Additionally, they don't compete in small local shows  

RedCoat site profile image  

2/28/10 3:27 PM by RedCoat

Barnett would roid up to take part in a play fight with a 5 year old kid.The man is hardcore.

TheComish site profile image  
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2/28/10 3:24 PM by TheComish

Just thought that I'd give an update... you don't have to be a dick. Stephen is an up and coming grappler on the scene.  Got his Brown Belt very fast at this past promotions in January.  I think he's about 185 right there.  Josh was really cool for coming out and competing.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

2/28/10 3:07 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

I see nothing wrong with Barnett competing in tournaments. He is not signed with any MMA shows at the moment, but he is obviously staying in good shape and keeping himself busy. A lot of well paid fighters don't do that when they are not competing for long periods. There is nothing wrong with him refining his catch wrestling game against BJJ trained grapplers.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

2/28/10 2:59 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Poor BJJ brown belt never had a chance and Barnett Catch Wrestling.

fiercedragon site profile image  

2/28/10 2:57 PM by fiercedragon

but, there are threads on here ALL the time about aleks and fedor winning sambo tourneys. and no one shoots them down!

JOB site profile image  

2/28/10 2:12 PM by JOB

No they are not.We're not saying he can control who shows up to compete. We're just expressing that it's nothing noteworthy for a seasoned grappler like Barnett to beat a brown belt half his weight.