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RedCoat site profile image  

4/12/10 3:33 AM by RedCoat

Oh yeah she's the next Jerry Seinfeld.Why call a sea lion and mermaid and label this thread "Sarah Kaufman Interview"You and your fucking cheeky marketing tactics! *shakes fist*

The James site profile image  

4/12/10 3:30 AM by The James

 Lulz :P

Ch1ef site profile image  

4/12/10 3:27 AM by Ch1ef

ttt cuz sarah is awesome

Snarl Snatch site profile image  

3/8/10 8:44 PM by Snarl Snatch

Her delivery was good, but I'm hoping to top it on Friday.

zuma site profile image  

3/8/10 7:52 PM by zuma

LOL at Sarah, Sarah, You always leave me satisfied ...

maxmain site profile image  

3/2/10 11:49 PM by maxmain

that's what she said...

Jerzey site profile image  

3/2/10 11:39 PM by Jerzey

 LMAO!  I <3 Kaufman!

WhyYouTrippinHater site profile image  

3/2/10 9:46 PM by WhyYouTrippinHater

Sarah's hands looked great. She just needed a better opponent.

Ch1ef site profile image  

3/2/10 9:31 PM by Ch1ef

 Sarah says "I'm ruining the rug"  Then answers herself with "that's what she said"

Fenix site profile image  

3/2/10 9:29 PM by Fenix

I missed the joke