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UFC 111 Prime Time premieres this Wednesday. Check out GSP verticle leap.

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TalkShowOnMute site profile image  

3/9/10 7:28 PM by TalkShowOnMute

This man is correct. :0My vertical leap as a senior in high school was 40". Now it is probably 10...lol ...And my standing long jump was right at 10'On Sunday in the park I jumped and grabbed a basketball goal...shit still hurts today..

sak-fu site profile image  

3/9/10 7:11 PM by sak-fu

I wonder what his vert is? I am guessing 38-40

thebasher site profile image  

3/9/10 7:11 PM by thebasher

well said

amberlamps site profile image  

3/9/10 7:06 PM by amberlamps

how high was that "leap" by gasp? above 60 inches?

mikecard site profile image  

3/9/10 7:02 PM by mikecard


ClayM site profile image  

3/9/10 6:56 PM by ClayM

You beat me to it

HammerHands site profile image  

3/9/10 6:51 PM by HammerHands

If Davis or Gurgel made it to a title fight, or a main event, they too would be the subject of the UFC countdown show, during which, they would be filmed training. it has nothing to do with their "attitude" or how humble they are.

stillmatic site profile image  

3/9/10 6:50 PM by stillmatic

Check out these 2 videos for something very impressive. Not Rick Rolls.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vL19q8yL54http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cySfw8f0beg

superCalo site profile image  

3/9/10 6:42 PM by superCalo

While that looks impressive there are other athletes who dont bother filming their training to that extent as they are concentrating on the actual training not being some kind of movie star, top athletes like Marcus Davis, Jorge Gurgel etc etc do just as impressive things every day in the gym they just dont talk about it, I guess that comes with having a more humble attitude towards life and fame.