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During a recent photoshoot for Fighters Only Magazine, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson reminisces about his time in Japanese promotion FC. He has both happy memories (the afterparties, Sakuraba) and bad ones (two weeks notice for fights, lack of medical attention). He also credits the UFC for taking good care of its fighters medically. More like this at www.fightersonlymag.com

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HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

3/11/10 8:38 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

Im sensing sarcasm

explodesinboys site profile image  

3/11/10 7:24 PM by explodesinboys

 Some people are never pleased. Maybe they think it's deadly quiet in a gym and everyone is being extra quiet because there's a little camera in the room. Whatever, this isn't an episode of Primetime, I love the no frills interviews. Gives you a sense of what it's really like in these guys' workplace.

john joe site profile image  

3/11/10 7:20 PM by john joe

and for the love of god do not watch the Terry Etim/Team Kaobon videos that are coming up, if you are struggling with this one

john joe site profile image  

3/11/10 7:18 PM by john joe

please, forgive us for not ordering everyone out of the gym when there was a class on and Rampage was kind enough to do us a photoshoot and interview when he was jetlagged out of his mind and not really wanting to. Please also accept our apologies for not buying Ariel out of his AOL contract and then flying him to the UK to do a ten-minute interview, during which he would somehow have managed to take care of the kids and dog (double barreled Taser?). We will try to address these pressing issues in our future off-chance fly-on-the-wall videos. Have a wonderful day sir.

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

3/11/10 7:13 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

I can't even watch that. I wish Ariel Hawani did that interview.Kids screaming, some dog barking in the background...lol. actually this is pretty classic.

john joe site profile image  

3/11/10 7:11 PM by john joe

^ surprisingly quiet for a rampage thread aint it?

Card site profile image  

3/11/10 7:05 PM by Card


john joe site profile image  

3/11/10 7:04 PM by john joe

and again...

john joe site profile image  

3/11/10 12:51 PM by john joe