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kying418 site profile image  

3/16/10 1:40 AM by kying418

As always, JSho knows his tournament stats!

JSho site profile image  

3/15/10 10:31 PM by JSho

oh and glad to hear th ecomp went well too.

JSho site profile image  

3/15/10 9:38 PM by JSho

Well i disagree too, there has never been a year where anyone of 5-10 people could have won any division, let alone medio.In recent years there has been a pool of potential winners, but only when Marcelinho wasn't competing, in the years he was (2003, 2004, 2006, 2009) there was 100% no doubt as to who was going to win - Terere in 2003 and Marcelinho in the other 3 years. no doubt, no pool of possible winners, it was a lock. In the years he wasn't there, yes the title was up for grabs, but again only realistically for one of 2 to 4 people in a given year (Galvao, Leite, Guto, Moraes, santana). Galvao took 2005 relatively easily and would have taken 2007 but for having to bow out to his teammate Leite.2008 was a genuine "wow, who is this Moraes kid" surprise moment.And specifically we are talking about the super heavyweight division by comparison where in addition to Roger you have had guys former world champions such as Comprido and Drysdale as well as the occasional cameo from margarida and xande, so no there are not dozens of elite super pesado guys around but tbh the depth at middlewieght is not much greater and is focussed more around the range of guys who could take a bronze rather than could win the division.So tbh the parallel at medio would be between Roger and Marcelo who "rule" those divisions, not Roger and Kron (who has one major title at black belt so far (2009 Europeans)).At the risk of generalising, with the exception of galo and pesadissimo, the other divisions generally have 2 or 3 guys who might win, but not more than that, certainly not 5 to 10.And if you directly compare the medallists between the 2 divisions over the past 10 years then Medio does not stand out as being more packed with talent.

JG440 site profile image  

3/15/10 9:10 PM by JG440

I was at the event. As always, Gustavo put on a great tournament. His tournaments are always on time and by the book. The whole event is very professionally done. From the refs being officially dressed to the new electronic score boards, AZSBJJF puts on a great tournament. Talked to Kron and Robson, and they were both very chill humble guys. They spent the whole day before their match (2 day tournament) wandering around the tournament talking to people. Xande also made an appearance with some guys from his school. All in all it was a great tournament to attend.

Wutang site profile image  

3/15/10 4:29 PM by Wutang

Wow, that AZ Open has really come a long way since he was in Gustavo's old gym. Congrats to him!

KingBodhi site profile image  

3/15/10 2:52 PM by KingBodhi

Kron looked sharp. This is the best I've ever seen him compete.

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3/15/10 2:35 PM by nate787


twinkletoesCT site profile image  

3/15/10 2:04 PM by twinkletoesCT

New link

Baroquen Record site profile image  

3/15/10 1:01 PM by Baroquen Record

damn robsons control is nasty