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Tuff-N-Uff "Future Stars of MMA!" Ryan Couture vs Sean Bollinger. Friday, Match 26, 2010 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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forumnewb site profile image  

3/27/10 7:35 PM by forumnewb

it was AT the bell, watch it at 6:00, pay attention to his arm go limp, and listen to the bell. 

dwc site profile image  

3/27/10 7:06 PM by dwc

Cool fight. Couture has potential. Showed decent boxing and an effective right leg kick. Quick sprawl too. Also a nice display of heart answering the bell for round 3 when he was clearly out after 2 ended. Should be an interesting pro.

Tru site profile image  

3/27/10 7:05 PM by Tru

 I was at the fights and filmed a lot of the audience reaction and both corners; posting video later.  I need to rewatch the fight, but I was sitting front row and it looked like he was about to go out as the bell rang and the other guy didn't release the sub

JustPeed site profile image  

3/27/10 6:50 PM by JustPeed

Coture was saved by the bell. Ref did not call for the end of the fight before the round ended so the fight continued as it should.

blushgirl412 site profile image  

3/27/10 6:45 PM by blushgirl412

Out AFTER bellRyan answered bell for 3rd round, so fight continuedNothing unfair about it10 more seconds on the clock though, Bollinger wins that fight 100%

forumnewb site profile image  

3/27/10 6:33 PM by forumnewb

^this man cannot make a breath of his nose.ayyyyyyy

ShaqNoob site profile image  

3/27/10 6:31 PM by ShaqNoob

 He was out at the end of the 2nd round... Special treatment beacuse he's Handy's son or WTF?

forumnewb site profile image  

3/27/10 6:26 PM by forumnewb

dude fucking tapped and he went to sleep

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3/27/10 6:18 PM by forumnewb


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3/27/10 6:11 PM by mmaniac

 total double post, sorry. http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum_framed.posts&thread=1616828 if you're a douche and you know it, raise your hand