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LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

4/10/10 12:48 AM by LayzieTheSavage

 Great to see Anderson speaking English. 

King Kong site profile image  

4/10/10 12:43 AM by King Kong


stillmatic site profile image  

4/10/10 12:31 AM by stillmatic

BJ looks fine. It's the lighting and he's not even flexing.

kitzsu site profile image  

4/9/10 11:20 PM by kitzsu

Rachelle Leah is not new... tuf noob

HULKSMASH site profile image  

4/9/10 11:08 PM by HULKSMASH

I can't stop laughing whenever I see "Danny Glover" in the background.... LOL!!!

RockandTroll site profile image  

4/9/10 3:25 PM by RockandTroll

Its a Wolfslair tat, he switched gyms and know trains with Kabon, still a bit of bad blood between kelly and wolfslair something to do with money.Renzo wearing man city shirt was kinda weird too, i bet he got paid a ton for it though.

matt murdock site profile image  

4/9/10 3:01 PM by matt murdock

seems like good energy from that crowd.hughes said he's going to be 'wreckless'. doubt that will happen but i hope we get a confident and aggressive hughes and not the recent bored looking hughes.

Lite site profile image  

4/9/10 3:00 PM by Lite

Renzo all dressed up. Did he consider wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase onto the scale? I take it he's not having to cut much weight.

thestaton site profile image  

4/9/10 2:54 PM by thestaton

 sweet!  thanks for posting.  

Dougie site profile image  

4/9/10 2:35 PM by Dougie

Thanx Helwani!