Logo   Renzo Gracie Promises Octagon Return
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Truemanc3 site profile image  

4/11/10 2:59 PM by Truemanc3


MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING site profile image  


I am a HUGE Renzo fan..THAT BEING SAIDWTF exactly is he gonna train? He has been training since he was 5 years old so he's planning to go back into the gym?? WTF. No more killing of the legend.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

4/11/10 2:50 PM by Winston Wolf

class act and one of the most liked figures in MMA

GNPfan site profile image  

4/11/10 2:28 PM by GNPfan

Not only is he one of my favorite Gracies but one of my favorite guys in MMA. With that said, I don't want him fighting again. Just retire, run his school and train fighters. Getting old does suck and he doesn't have anything left to prove! Always a fan of his, his interviews are top notch too!

EvilMaster site profile image  

4/11/10 2:21 PM by EvilMaster

Getting old sucks. :(

thforklift site profile image  

4/11/10 2:18 PM by thforklift

It'd be great to see him fight and do his thing a couple more times. An all-time inspiration for me and I'm a wrestler!