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Roger Huerta discusses his rough family life and upbringing

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Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

10/18/10 11:03 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

Huerta vs Alvarez is right up there with Brock vs Cain imo

goldenboyart site profile image  

10/18/10 10:56 AM by goldenboyart

I've always liked Roger and wish him the best. Thak god for good decent people like his adoptive Mom. Hell of a fighter too.

dcmma site profile image  

4/14/10 3:25 PM by dcmma

I've always liked Huerta...I hope he makes a run for a relevant title soon.

drmmr site profile image  

4/14/10 3:19 PM by drmmr

wow, what a great new mom he has. I wish more people were like that. WAR HUERTA!!

MentaL site profile image  

4/14/10 3:18 PM by MentaL

 damn man.. when a dude crys it hits the heart, you know? war huerta!

Card site profile image  

4/14/10 3:13 PM by Card

all fights at - http://www.youtube.com/user/BellatorMMA