Logo   Gilbert Melendez Apologizes for Brawl
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Wet site profile image  

4/18/10 2:59 PM by Wet

So at the end of the interview he basically blamed strikeforce for letting Miller into the cage during the interview.

FDMbrand site profile image  

4/18/10 2:54 PM by FDMbrand

Gil's a classy dude, and thta was a very honest explanation.  Why wouldn't you push someone away who was trying to steal the spotlight from your brother at the pinnacle of his career?  Bottom line, if Miller wasnt in the cage everyone goes home happy.  Do it at the post fight presser.  Shields was on camera doing his job, don't interrupt.

thebravebull site profile image  

4/18/10 12:52 PM by thebravebull

Okay he apologized but then put all the responsibility for what happened on Mayhem for going into the cage. Maybe there's a push and then you separate. But to start throwing punches at Miller as a group was Bush League. Miller never took a shot at anybody, nor did he go in there trying to start a fight. He went in there, right or wrong, to simply call out Shields for the next fight.Shields didn't even have to get into it. He could have said, "I just beat Dan Henderson. Who the heck are you?" Q.E.D.

Poindexter site profile image  

4/18/10 12:27 PM by Poindexter


EBM site profile image  

4/18/10 12:19 PM by EBM

Seems pretty sincere to me

SMACDADDY site profile image  

4/18/10 11:52 AM by SMACDADDY

Apology not accepted.

Porkchop site profile image  

4/18/10 11:33 AM by Porkchop

I'm sorry for the outburst....we love fighting.

EBM site profile image  

4/18/10 11:03 AM by EBM

"I just said....back up."