Logo   Chuck talks Faber/Aldo, Anderson Silva and Finishing Fights
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GIJOEjiujitsu site profile image  

4/26/10 10:54 AM by GIJOEjiujitsu

apparently tito is out of the ufc. this is some crazy news. man this is getting me more and more pumped about this season. so far this is the best group of fighters i have seen on tuf in a while.


4/26/10 10:47 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 Nyquil = truth serum...

Hus site profile image  

4/26/10 10:15 AM by Hus

Did Chuck just slip and drop a megaton bomb?  Tito out of the UFC?? I think there's more to the story than Dana has led us to believe....


4/26/10 9:47 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 TUF 11 tells all....

Ramsey site profile image  

4/26/10 9:45 AM by Ramsey

"If he wants to come back to the UFC." What exactly does that mean? Did Tito quit?

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

4/26/10 3:36 AM by LayzieTheSavage

Chuck looks good. Looks happy. Which makes me happy for him. 

Carmichael Dave site profile image  

4/26/10 3:26 AM by Carmichael Dave

I spoke with Chuck Liddell shortly after the Aldo/Faber fight. We covered a bunch of stuff.