Logo   Lyoto Machida v. Rafael Lovato Jr.
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BTTMike site profile image  

5/5/10 6:43 PM by BTTMike

Uh, what was it then? A karate match?

LittleC site profile image  

5/5/10 2:21 PM by LittleC

LOLHunington Punk is a idiot and that has been a common theme on this board since he started posting. Apparently a BJJ guy slapped him, took his girlfriend, came back and slow raped his ass. Sound familiar? Lovato doesnt lose to anybody not world class. Your a douche, now go try to accomplish ten percent of what lovato has.

AWSolis site profile image  

5/5/10 2:18 PM by AWSolis

Jr. always puts it on the line. He wins some, he loses some, but he always goes for it. He is the Best American BJJ competitor that we have..especially at that weight!Alvis

HoldYerGround site profile image  

5/5/10 2:13 PM by HoldYerGround

Unfortunately it was not a jiu-jitsu match.

JSho site profile image  

5/5/10 6:17 AM by JSho

in those psls the mma fighters had a tendency to stall (jacare/randy, lyoto/lovato)

jmil147 site profile image  

5/4/10 11:24 PM by jmil147

frustrating when youre trying to play jiu jitsu, and your opponent just refuses.

BTTMike site profile image  

5/4/10 9:00 PM by BTTMike

<blockquote>HuntingtonPUNK - I'm pointing out obvious retardation and jock riding.</blockquote><br />*Sigh* id you even read what i wrote? How was it jock riding? I just said what happened in the match. I dont particularly even like Lovato. Get your head out of Machida's ass. Have you even watched the whole match?

Im a real boy site profile image  

5/4/10 6:24 PM by Im a real boy

He never said he didn't really lose, he just said Lovato was the aggressor and lost because of that. Machida played for points and won.

Muffinho site profile image  

5/4/10 6:22 PM by Muffinho

He didn't explicitly state that he thought Lovato won the match. You said, "so it doesnt count because it was in 2007?"Do I need to point out the obvious retardation?

HuntingtonPUNK site profile image  

5/4/10 6:08 PM by HuntingtonPUNK

I'm pointing out obvious retardation and jock riding.