Logo   Frank Shamrock Sparring Young Kid
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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

5/11/10 10:25 AM by ranier wolfcastle

 illegal spike

RLL site profile image  

5/11/10 10:12 AM by RLL

 The popularity of MMA will be it's downfall. All these gyms opening up and younger athletes coming in to the sport. Better pay days and big PPV number can only HURT fighters. Can you people see? It will never be the same as it was with a fat tank abbott swinging wildly in front of 1,200 fans! Oh what has happened to our pure sport? What has become of this MMA thing we love! Soccer Moms! SOCCER MOMS HAVE RUINED IT ALL!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Close the UFC! Pull MMA off of network tv! We need to keep this big secret of MMA to ourselves forevvvvverrrrrr! lol @ u

jkd_guy site profile image  

5/11/10 10:05 AM by jkd_guy

I cant even count how many people practice the superman punch at the heavy bag at my gym.

mrzipplokk site profile image  

5/11/10 9:58 AM by mrzipplokk

 If you have ever shaken Frankies hand, you know he is one strong sob. BEEP

PatrickFreitas site profile image  

5/11/10 9:52 AM by PatrickFreitas

great vid.too bad that all coaches must fight in TUF, cuz he'd be a fun coach. yeah, yeah...he's married to SF, but still would be cool to see him in there.

goku site profile image  

5/11/10 9:47 AM by goku

 thats the best wrestling and sub grappling i have ever seen frank show


5/11/10 6:52 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 Good to see Frank still has some serious takedowns in his arsenal. Almost Zinovieve'd the poor kid into Bolivian...................

ganjaghost72 site profile image  

5/11/10 3:31 AM by ganjaghost72

frank is pretty sweet haha i hope ken gets his ass whopped by frank oneday

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

5/11/10 2:55 AM by LayzieTheSavage

TMZ, huh?  Trolls Must ... Zuuuuuh-Z-uh-Zanza-... I got nothing...

jcblass site profile image  

5/11/10 2:51 AM by jcblass

Love the soccer mom yelling "push kick". All of this is going to lead to MMA being the next TKD. The popularity of MMA with morons will be its downfall. "My son is a MMA cage fighter, he trains over at Shamrock's, last week he tapped him out!"