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The SHOOT! - Brett Rogers.

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Legends site profile image  

5/15/10 7:10 PM by Legends

I want to bring you insight to all the fighters!

LetsTalkItOut site profile image  

5/15/10 3:49 AM by LetsTalkItOut

Where is that from?Was there some kind of Strikeforce countdown like show?

Dawkins site profile image  

5/15/10 1:05 AM by Dawkins

Better hope Rogers wins tomorrow, or else UberReem is coming after your boy Fedor.

stickman site profile image  

5/15/10 1:00 AM by stickman

Hahaha... thanks for that Ledgends... for MMA addicts like myself, I can never get enough ;-)

Legends site profile image  

5/14/10 5:41 PM by Legends

For sure!

TSGIGOR site profile image  
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5/14/10 5:37 PM by TSGIGOR


Legends site profile image  

5/14/10 12:26 PM by Legends

Really he is.

Legends site profile image  

5/14/10 12:17 AM by Legends

From the little time I was with him, he was a very humble guy that has a passion for learning.

Audiophile26 site profile image  

5/13/10 3:54 PM by Audiophile26

 By far one of the most respectful guys in MMA. Very cool guy to hang with. Now his crew maybe not so much but Brett was one of the coolest dudes ever.

TSGIGOR site profile image  
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5/13/10 3:33 PM by TSGIGOR