Logo   Josh Barnett: The UFC Should Be Doing My Laundry
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The former UFC Heavyweight Champ and Pride vet talks about his upcoming fights, his relationship with the UFC and more with Danny Acosta. Shot and edited by Rick Lee.

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Jake88 site profile image  

8/3/11 4:06 PM by Jake88

Josh Barnett Is The Man!!!

Zamiel site profile image  

5/23/10 12:49 PM by Zamiel

It's not Josh's term, they're called "young boys", but it's not said with the typical pause between the words as you would with the word "young" describing a "boy", it's almost like a single word. I didn't watch the video so hopefully Josh didn't say "young, boy" haha.But I'm so sick of obvious roid users wasting people's time with all these appeals, flying themselves and a bunch of people back and forth when they know they did it...it's absurd.

demzor site profile image  

5/23/10 12:15 PM by demzor

How the hell can they pay Barnett 600k? Is the gate even going to be 600k? And they can't be making didly shit on PPV.

Andy the man site profile image  

5/23/10 11:27 AM by Andy the man

Massive ego, but i love the nerd in him !That interview on the 'fight geek' site and he does the 'ultimate warrior' impression was hilarious.

skooter site profile image  

5/23/10 9:58 AM by skooter

And he's making $600,0000 to fight Gerinimo in Austrailia, so I don't think he's missing the UFC all that much.

skooter site profile image  

5/23/10 9:56 AM by skooter

Barnett would KILL Overeem

Munchausen site profile image  

5/23/10 9:11 AM by Munchausen

One of the best interviews in MMA. I love this interviewer too--Ariel better watch out.

Ippon Seoinage site profile image  

5/22/10 8:22 PM by Ippon Seoinage

I do not like his arrogance and never have. He is agood submission fighter, better self promotor and ahorrible liar.

sly fox site profile image  

5/22/10 7:12 PM by sly fox

downright weird if u ask me..

Nathalie site profile image  

5/22/10 7:11 PM by Nathalie

Overeem passes his drug test, Chaeting Josh Barnett didn't. Doesn't deserve to be given that match.