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The Korean Zombie says 'hello' and answers some questions from the UG and Sherdog...

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Shug site profile image  

5/26/10 4:02 PM by Shug

 If you think that people here in Korea would agree with you than you might be a bit more confused than I initially thought. Like I said, I've been here for over 11 years now, I'm still here, most of the people I interact with everyday have lived here their whole lives. I don't know anybody who gets into fights for no reason. Not one. 

Shug site profile image  

5/26/10 4:00 PM by Shug

 Yeah, those guys are still around to one extent or another. Kim Jong Man had a world of ability, but never really capitalized on it. Lim Hyun Gyu has really developed a LOT and we're looking to bring him over to the US at some point, if we can find a promotion for him.  Training at KTT is all around MMA. Of course, each fighter brings different things to the table, but the training works on little bits of everything: Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, BJJ, judo, etc. 

Twostep site profile image  

5/26/10 4:00 PM by Twostep

True, might want to hold off until he gets a few more.I'd be more interested in the second question.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

5/26/10 3:58 PM by EVILYOSHIDA

goku is correct.Koreans love to fight and get jealous easily. I'm here in beijing and a majority of the shit starting among foreigners involves korean males who had a little bit too much too drink.

Shug site profile image  

5/26/10 3:53 PM by Shug

 Nah... We had fun doing it!

goku site profile image  

5/26/10 3:53 PM by goku

 shug, i think the reason people here arent agreeing with me is because this is an american forum...in all honesty, if you havent seen fights started for no reason, i think your experience is the one that is out of the ordinary

Shug site profile image  

5/26/10 3:53 PM by Shug

 I don't think in that particular fight he really got to feel much of a difference, to be honest with you, but I'll ask him...

siouxNYC site profile image  

5/26/10 3:47 PM by siouxNYC

shug-talk about korean top team a little more. there was a show on the east coast (of the US) back in 2007 called "world's best fighter" and a few of the competitors were south koreans who listed their team as korean top team. of the three - jong man kim, hyun gyu lim and ji woong kim - jong man kim seemed the most skilled (in terms of grappling at least). are these guys still around? what's training like for KTT? is there a specific focus? you mentioned wrestling, but where does the team get it's submission game from?

Twostep site profile image  

5/26/10 3:38 PM by Twostep

Shug,How did CSJ feel fighting in the cage as opposed to fighting in the ring, like he usually does? Which one of the two does he prefer to fight in and which one does he feel better fits his style of fighting? Are there any fighters in the division that he would be excited to fight, stylistically speaking?Thanks!

AllAmericana site profile image  

5/26/10 3:31 PM by AllAmericana

Sorry he had to waste his time answering those retarded Sherdog questions.