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5/26/10 12:52 AM by AvAMajestic

If you want some constructive criticism:The video doesn't really tell a story. Shogun's story is an interesting one, he was considered the #1 LHW in the world, looked unstoppable for a time, then after the Coleman incident (which you showed, but didn't seem to link to anything) he really fell off the wagon for a while, then he came back to be the first person to beat Machida.Hell of a story.Then you look at the lyrics (of what is probably the only truly good emo song ever) and you could easily be synching up part of the story to thatI am flawed (Coleman breaking his arm), but I am cleaning up so well (him knocking Coleman out).Second chorus replace that with Machida having his arm raised and him KO'ing Machida respectively.It's some good footage and it's a good song but at the moment it just feels like you've cut some random highlights together and chucked a music track on it.Also this is just a personal opinion but cutting to footage of an interview in the middle of a bunch of fight footage has never made sense to me. It seems to be in vogue for a lot of highlight videos these days to show more and more non-fighting footage, and while it has it's place, it gets rather tedious after a while. If you're a long term fan of the sport, you've seen enough of these highlights it's nothing new. If you're showing it to someone who has no exposure to the sport, footage of someone getting interviewed is kinda meaningless. Just my personal take on it.Best of luck with your work.

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5/26/10 12:43 AM by flyingtoehold

 Pretty cool, should've made it a little longer and finished with the Machida knockout.

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5/26/10 12:03 AM by KirbyLovesTacos

People no likey?

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5/25/10 4:36 PM by KirbyLovesTacos