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Strung56 site profile image  

6/27/10 8:08 PM by Strung56

 Haha awesome interview. I loved the part at 5:20 to 5:30ish when he says "Everybody see?"

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

6/27/10 7:57 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

 I met Werdum last summer at Carano/Cyborg and at the Hitman after party as well guy is very nice.  I wish him well. 

CRE site profile image  

6/27/10 7:45 PM by CRE

Babalu was a very key ingredient, I am a bigger fan of his. I like when the crowd starts laughing and he daps up Babalu like nice you made them laugh for me, some real friendship on display there. I love all the Brazilian Americans, some of my favorite fighters are the ones who make the crossover to the States and embrace our culture, way of life and such. People could really learn from Werdum how to be a likeable top Brazilian fighter, move here, train here and be the best.   My god I love at 7:40 when he's like ungh that's some good english and another dap to the homies HAHAHAHAHAH man he's so likeable.

smoogy site profile image  

6/27/10 7:40 PM by smoogy


Archangel site profile image  

6/27/10 5:11 PM by Archangel

great vid werdum is a great man

Magic8 site profile image  

6/27/10 4:37 PM by Magic8

Werdum & Babalu seem like awesome dudes, imo.

OveREEMed A New Butthole site profile image  
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6/27/10 4:29 PM by OveREEMed A New Butthole

Babalu reminds me of Mickey Rourke for some reason.

jackangle site profile image  

6/27/10 4:26 PM by jackangle

Towe, wtf no pics with you and Forest Whitaker?

smoogy site profile image  

6/27/10 4:22 PM by smoogy

Knowing that TOWE and Forest Whitaker were in the Werdum locker room after the fight fills me with happiness. Isn't that Retard's wife in the first pic? Fabricio is totally touching her boob

TOWE site profile image  

6/27/10 4:08 PM by TOWE

 Here's a few post fight pics.  The celebration we had in his dressing room after the win was a moment I will never forget in my life.  The energy in there was insane!!!  WERDDDDUMMMMMM TIME!!!!!!!!!!