Logo   Fedor Emelianenko prepares for rematch with Werdum
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Who did not fall cannot rise. The emperor is waiting for the revenge

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Canooke site profile image  

7/9/10 5:52 PM by Canooke

Thanks for the video TSGIGOR. Fedor is of course a machine. Voronov is HUGE.

randysan site profile image  

7/9/10 5:49 PM by randysan

Still the greatest of all time!!!

nobones site profile image  

7/9/10 5:35 PM by nobones

Yeah but stupid ass Werdum actually said a title fight with Overeem was a 'step down' in competition as opposed to rematching Fedor again.

nobones site profile image  

7/9/10 5:34 PM by nobones

Fedor's next fight will be his last. No matter if he beats Werdum or Overeem or whoever, he will always be considered with an asterisk next to his name for the last few years because he never went to fight the best HWs in the world. And the best HWs will be all in the UFC eventually. Overeem, Werdum, Big Foot, all of them if they keep winning will be in the UFC. Strikeforce has become nothing but a feeder system to the UFC and retirement home for UFC vets. Jake Shields is just the first of many champions to migrate to the UFC. Gilbert Melendez is not far behind and in time King Mo will be in the UFC as well. And as the UFC grows and grows, the memory of this once great Russian that thrived in the sport's darker times will be all but forgotten.The winners get to write the history books.

caliphornia site profile image  

7/9/10 5:32 PM by caliphornia

why does the video say "fedor training for his rematch with werdum"? fedor doesn't deserve a rematch. it wasn't a close fight at all. werdum earned his shot at the title.

tenchu site profile image  

7/9/10 5:30 PM by tenchu

It's easier to redeem yourself when you continue to fight top contenders in the biggest promotion in thw world. There's a difference.

nobones site profile image  

7/9/10 5:29 PM by nobones

? Randy was under exclusive contract to Zuffa. It was not on Zuffa to co-promote with anyone. It was on Fedor to come into Zuffa and fight their promotional champion. Randy made up a bunch of bullshit about being able to 'resign' to get out of his contract with Zuffa which made absolutely zero sense but some stupid lawyers he hired took him for a ride agreeing with his stupid interpretation of his contract. This was a fight that was never going to happen because Vadim refused to let Fedor go into the UFC and fight Randy in the Octagon on the UFC's terms. M-1 fucked Fedor's entire legacy.

KrillaSeth site profile image  

7/9/10 5:25 PM by KrillaSeth

 Great video Igor is the fin man!

groundfighter2000 site profile image  

7/9/10 4:58 PM by groundfighter2000

Same. And to VTFD nobones.

sly fox site profile image  

7/9/10 9:55 AM by sly fox

 awesome vid, thanks man for posting