Logo   Rashad Talks Torres, Shogun, and Rampage
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UFC Light Heavyweight Contender Rashad Evans talks about training with Miguel Torres, the status of his title shot against Shogun Rua, and his thoughts on Rampage Jackson.

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Spidermonkey site profile image  

7/11/10 11:44 AM by Spidermonkey

Don't give these fools the time of day. Good job man!

1oldfart site profile image  

7/11/10 11:29 AM by 1oldfart

i didnt like rashad when he first came up but hes slowly won me as a fan. he does what he needs to to get the win, hes good behind the mic and with interviews. seems genuine.

Dawkins site profile image  

7/11/10 11:28 AM by Dawkins

You must have grown up watching 80's newscast and pro wrestling when you were a kid to develop your "voice"

nerve site profile image  

7/11/10 11:16 AM by nerve

great interview Ray, you know your stuff, keep up the good work.

Ocean6 site profile image  

7/11/10 10:21 AM by Ocean6

Nice voice!Don't talk out of the side of your mouth though.That creeps me out.

JeanBaptisteHenry site profile image  

7/11/10 6:15 AM by JeanBaptisteHenry

I feel sorry the guy. He expected to have all these new fans after the rampage win, but instead he has less fans than he had before.He more than likely will read anything with his name in it (including this thread) and it must bum him out to read all this stuff about himself but rarely anyone saying anything good about him. Bless him.

strykr619 site profile image  

7/11/10 1:39 AM by strykr619

Yeah people don't see that Machida has good TD defense.