Logo   Forrest Griffin on UFC 117 Silva vs. Sonnen
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Crocop'sLeftLeg site profile image  

8/6/10 1:52 AM by Crocop'sLeftLeg

you sure are cool for posting on the same sh*tty internet forum for the last 10 years.

grafzep site profile image  

8/6/10 12:12 AM by grafzep

the 10'ers are doing very little on this thread to dispell the mass scorn they recieve.

joshjitsu site profile image  

8/5/10 10:22 PM by joshjitsu

Forest is a warrior and he's more entitled to his opinion than anyone else that's going to post on this thread.

Kimbos Bread site profile image  

8/5/10 10:14 PM by Kimbos Bread

forrest is a quitter

Kunu site profile image  

8/5/10 9:43 PM by Kunu

 He's not saying anything different than what most people already are thinking

Big_Mike site profile image  

8/5/10 9:23 PM by Big_Mike

What a sore loser. I hate when someone loses to a guy, they always root against them.

The Hectorious GNP site profile image  

8/5/10 9:11 PM by The Hectorious GNP

See what Forrest Griffin thinks about upcoming UFC 177 Silva vs. Sonnen fight -- check out the video! @MMADIEHARDS