Logo   Edgar: You're Only As Good As Your Last Fight
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The UFC Lightweight Champion talks with Danny Acosta about his rematch with BJ Penn at UFC 118 in Boston.

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goku site profile image  

8/18/10 3:43 PM by goku

 LMAO...is frankie delusional? yeah, he did move forward...(5% of the time)

bshaw1979 site profile image  

8/18/10 3:33 PM by bshaw1979

Yeah he did...He said like he did last time..lol

uonedonkey site profile image  

8/17/10 5:34 PM by uonedonkey

Forward preasure equals Frankie geting Knocked the Fucked Out!!!

RickStorm site profile image  

8/17/10 5:34 PM by RickStorm

I do to.. I like this kid I just hope he ends it instead of a decission win But if I had to put money down it would be on Penn for sure  

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

8/17/10 5:13 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 what if u lost your last fight but the judges gave u the win?

goku site profile image  

8/17/10 5:11 PM by goku

cant watch the vid, but did frankie say that he would keep forward pressure on penn?  

kamolewhite4life site profile image  

8/17/10 4:02 PM by kamolewhite4life


KahL site profile image  

8/17/10 2:40 PM by KahL

 WTF, are you in Jersey right now?!

bshaw1979 site profile image  

8/17/10 2:04 PM by bshaw1979

Forward pressure..lol

Buck 65 site profile image  

8/17/10 1:34 PM by Buck 65

hope frankie wins again